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For other uses, see Super Mario Br'Hausse series.

Super Mario Br'Hausse was a holographic program designed by Angry Gréviste Studios and installed on the Stoneship.

Atenza, while playing Super Mario Br'Hausse, noted that there were eight worlds like the 20th century game Super Mario Bros 3, and that the Victoriaville world was best played with several players at hand. However, for what it was worth, it couldn't be played with more than 49 players in a single holodeck, or else the program wouldn't start. The final boss of that game was a genetically modified Bowser whose head was Jean Charest's. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Chronicles of Taladu")

Its immediate sequel, Super Mario Br'Hausse 2: Corruption, featured another Prime minister of Quebec, Philippe Couillard. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Arthur Porter and the Corpse of Azkapanama")


Super Mario Br'Hausse also was the title of a video that was a spoof trailer of a video game produced at the height of the 2012 Quebec student strike.

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