A strike frigate is a type of frigate fielded by various military forces in the galaxy.

The Romulan Star Navy utilised strike frigates to fill various and sundry military missions. Starfleet did not have an equivalent classification in service. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 5: Starships of the Romulan Star Empire)

The Cardassian Guard's strike frigates were their top of the line frigates. They were more heavily armed then the standard heavy frigate yet they had superior speed and manoeuvrability. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 2: Starships of the Cardassian Union)

In the Klingon Defense Force a strike frigate is their equivalent to Starfleet's fast frigate or incursion frigates fielded by the Romulans and Cardassians. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 3: Ships of the Klingon Empire)

Types of strike frigatesEdit

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