The journey continues...


Problems plague the crew of the USS Horizon. The ship begins to jump erratically and on its own. Adding to the problems is the fact that all female crewmen have suddenly disappeared.

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Memorable quotesEdit

"One hell of a first day."
— Colonel Morgan describing his first day as the executive officer.

"What are you doing?"
"Checking to see if I've been infested with any of the anomalies that caused them to disappear."
"You can't catch an anomaly like you can a cold, Mr. Hutchby. It's not like that."
"I beg to differ, there was this time on Dreelu IV..."
— Colonel Morgan and Lieutenant Hutchby, when the Colonel noticed Hutchby scanning himself with a medical tricorder.

"We sometimes find ourselves in situations beyond our control, Commander. It is how we deal with them that helps shape us and prove our character."
Admiral Thadius Rutledge reassuring Commander Jack Keller about his actions.

"Different galaxy, different laws."
Janice Pelar's explanation for the anomaly.


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