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Admiral Stormclaw of the Cha'ouwian House Mk'Vy, also known as Brian McVey, was the Cha'ouwian representative and Vice Commander of Starbase Rockford. He is one of two vice commanders assigned to the starbase and is in charge of the construction as well as the dry-docks and other facilities. His rank is equivalent to Rear Admiral and he wears Two Star Admiral's Rank.

Stormclaw was born in San Francisco on Earth on June 6, 2339 as Brian McVey, a half human, a quarter Klingon and a quarter Romulan to Federation Ambassador Gerald McVey and his Cha'ouwian wife, Karoline. His normal appearance is completely human, with blond hair and blue eyes. He lived all his childhood on Earth only visiting the Cha'ouw Empire ever so often when his mother would visit relatives or with his father on diplomatic missions. He attended schools in the Winneford area and attended school with his future commander, Jeff Higdon, whom became close friends. In fact McVey would serve as Higdon's Best Man at his wedding and Higdon would serve as McVey Best Man at his wedding.

McVey applied and was successful in entering Starfleet Academy on his second try when he rejoined his friend, Higdon, although McVey's specialty was in engineering and construction, it separated the two high school friends as Higdon's field was command.

Known as Admiral Stormclaw, when on duty he wears a standard Federation Admiral's Uniform with an Engineering colors and Two Star Rank on his collar & sleeves.

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