Not to be confused with ENT: "Storm Front"


Khan takes revenge on USS Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum by kidnapping one of his old friends

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • “So, Khan thinks that by swiping Katy, he's going to convince you to confront him.”
    “Yes, and he's damn right about it too.”
    Reinette Hernandez and Patrick, on Khan's Psychological strategy
  • “You must really love Katy to do this for her. Would you do if it were one of us?”
    “I probably would, but I think Khan knew where to hit me the hardest.”
    Bridget and Patrick
  • “If you're trying to push my buttons, you're hitting them squarely at the bullseye,”
    — Patrick, recognizing Khan's intentions


Cassoday, Katy; Grankite Order of Tactics; Interphase cloaking device; Ingrum, Patrick; USS Nimitz Riffin, Andrea; Singh, Khan Noonien


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