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The Stinger-class was a generic name given to Hydran fighters. Roughly the size of Ku'Rist-class or Peregrine-class fighters, there were three variants of these fighters in production. (TOS video game: Starfleet Command)

Assault squadrons contained a mix of Stinger-2 and Stinger-H fighters and, as such, was less expensive to manufacture than a full squadron of Stinger-H fighters.

Stinger-1 fighter Edit

The "Lost Colony" guilds developed the Stinger-1 fighter to combat the Klingon and Lyran ships without the Hydrans having to develop an economy, as these attrition units were built much faster and at much less of a cost than capital ships.

The Stinger-1 fighter was armed with a single Type-IV phaser and a fusion beam emitter.

Stinger-2 fighter Edit

The Stinger-2 was developed to maintain Hydran fighter superiority. It was a vastly improved version of the Stinger-1 fighter. It moved faster, took more damage and caused more destruction.

The Stinger-2 fighter was armed with a single rapid-fire phaser and a fusion beam.

Stinger-H fighter Edit

The Stinger-H (heavy) was the hellbore cannon-armed variant of the Stinger fighter. It was based on the Stinger-2 frame and was a very capable long-range attacker.

The Stinger-H fighter was armed with a single rapid-fire phaser and a hellbore. Because of the hellbore, it was more expensive to manufacture than Stinger-2s.

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