Stella was a Romulan centurion who served as the security chief of the RIS Bouteina. She was known to be really specialized in security, both computer and physical. However, she was useless on repair teams and she was very sensitive to the cold. She was also quick to admonish reckless behavior in battle. (RIS Bouteina: "Take Me Out to the Zoo")

Early life and careerEdit

Stella was born on Rator III to middle-class parents. In her childhood, her parents pressured her to become an engineer. She was notable for failing the basic engineering courses at the Romulan Naval Academy twice. However, she was re-directed at security. For thirty years she served as a security guard aboard Battle Station 41.

Dominion War and beyondEdit

She served aboard the IRW Exaccus as head of security and saw her fellow security guards being redshirted. As she was physically unfit to serve for much of the duration of the Dominion War, she remained stationed on Achenar Prime until the end of the conflict to recover from her wounds.

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