"Status Update" (or "Post your Captain's status update", or "Post your Captain's social media update") was the third clips episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the third clips episode of the fourth season. It collected quick social media-esque updates in parts from Oroku Seifer with a cameo from Harley Menrow.


Following an odd rehash of the online social trend in the early 25th century, Seifer updates his status through several styled-mediums.

Posting guideEdit

Part Posted Prod. Code Parody Captain
Status Update, Part I Oct 30 2014 PNX137_P003NA Facebook Seifer
Status Update, Part II Oct 30 2014 PNX137_P003NB Facebook Seifer
Status Update, Part III Oct 31 2014 PNX137_P003NC Facebook Seifer
Status Update, Part IV Nov 01 2014 PNX137_P003ND Twitter Seifer
Status Update, Part V Nov 01 2014 PNX137_P003NC Facebook Seifer, Menrow

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