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The following is a partial list of starships lost in the Battle of Wolf 359. In all, 39 Starfleet ships were lost, at a cost of 11,000 lives.

Ship name Registry Class Series
USS Ahwahnee NCC-73620 Cheyenne class TNG
USS Argus NCC-70124 Dawnstar class (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)
USS Bellerophon NCC-62048 Nebula class DS9
USS Bonestell NCC-31600 Oberth class TNG
USS Buran NCC-57580 Challenger class TNG
USS Chekov NCC-53702 Springfield class TNG
USS Electra NCC-9211-A Russell class Starbase 79: Starship Recognition Series 2
USS Endeavour NCC-71805 Nebula class (Star Trek: Prometheus)
USS Firebrand NCC-68723 Freedom class TNG
USS Gage NCC-11672 Apollo class TNG
USS Hoagland Unknown Miranda class TOS novel: Star Trek: The Return
USS Kadosca NCC-1994-C Ambassador class DS9 game: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time
USS Kyushu NCC-65491 New Orleans class TNG
USS Liberator NCC-67016 Unknown TNG
USS Melbourne NCC-62043 Excelsior class DS9
USS Melbourne Unknown Nebula class TNG
USS Polyneices NCC-62346 Excelsior class (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Beginning of Infinity)
USS Princeton NCC-59804 Niagara class TNG
USS Rebellious NCC-1807 Miranda class (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)
USS Reliant NCC-44686 Ambassador class (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)
USS Roosevelt NCC-2573 Excelsior class VOY
USS Saratoga NCC-31911 Miranda class DS9
USS Tigershark unknown unknown (Star Trek: Unity One)
USS Tolstoy NCC-62095 Rigel class TNG
USS Yamaguchi NCC-26510 Ambassador class DS9
USS Yorktown NCC-42944 Excelsior class (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier)

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