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Commander Starr Kirk was Commanding Officer of the USS Essex. (Star Trek: Essex)

Starr Kirk, a Vulcan/Human Hybrid was born on the planet Vulcan on star date 15960.8. Captain James T. Kirk found the child orphaned while on a training exercise. She was given James T. Kirk's name since his DNA did not match any family line on record. She was raised on the Starfleet Academy campus.

She was known to be rather rebellious, which in turn has landed her in trouble on many occasions. Her life at the academy was one of excitement and learning. She learned all the sciences and technical aspects and executive training expected of an officer of Starfleet.

She considered her life at Starfleet to have been exciting. She regrets not having a family life like the kind her friends talk about. A home to go to, rather than my dorm room at the academy. And parents which although she have not, she had the great honor of having a family and advisors to many to list.

She has dedicated herself to learn all she can and be the best she can be. And now that she is on the Essex she hopes to be a valuable crew member as well as a fine officer

Personality & TraitsEdit

General Overview
A smart ass with an attitude yet can be rather reserved and quiet. When she is in deep thought not much can distract her.

Her favorite quote is "Sleep is not an option"

Strengths & Weaknesses
I have no weaknesses except those that come with my human half
To some day return to Vulcan and receive the "Kolinahr", a ritual through which all emotion is renounced and shed
Hobbies & Interests
reading and chess

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