Prometheus Uniforms c. 2386

the 2386 Starfleet uniforms

In the Star Trek: Prometheus timeline, as in the main timeline new duty Starfleet uniforms were issued in 2373 consisting of black trousers with boots, and a black jacket with Grey shoulders. Underneath, a turtleneck shirt is worn in the colors of one's division, with rank pips displayed on its collar.

Cadet's uniforms were identical in cut; although rendered in grey with a grey turtleneck shirt with the shoulders colored in the appropriate division color.

In 2386 this uniform was modified slightly to change the turtleneck's color to black and display the division color on the jacket collar and as bands on the chest and the sleeves. The rank insignias issued in 2379 continued to be used with this uniform and the combadge that was being field tested on the Prometheus in 2379 became standard issue fleet wide. The dress and cadet uniforms remained unchanged by this uniform update.

Enlisted, cadet warrant and commissioned officer rank insignia are worn on the right side of the collar. Flag officer rank insignia are worn on both sides of the collar.


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