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The Starfleet Space Cadet Corps (SFSCC) was founded in the mid-2360s by the Starfleet League of the United Federation of Planets at the request of Starfleet Command.

The Starfleet Space Cadets, also known as Fleet Space Cadets (FSC), are of the ages from 11 to 18 years old. They must be physically fit, have no criminal record, and have a good academic standard to become members.

The SFSCC serves to teach cadets about the space-going services, community service, citizenship, and an understanding of discipline and teamwork. While under no obligation, a sizable percentage of cadets go on into Starfleet. Former Space Cadets represent a significant percentage of students which enter the Academy and maintain the highest graduation rate of any pre-Academy program. Starfleet supports the SFSCC to some degree, providing such resources as uniform assistance, use of military facilities and assisting with training courses, but most support comes from the volunteers and parents of the SFSCC program.

Starfleet allows the Fleet Space cadets to wear the Academy midshipman's uniform, only modified with no division color on the sleeve cuffs and an entirely silver combadge insignia. Starfleet Uniform Regulations are adhered to by the SFSCC. Fleet Space Cadet rank insignia are identical to Starfleet Academy midshipman rank insignia.

While there are numerous Fleet Space Cadet divisions located on many Federation member worlds, the majority of the Corps units are located aboard active Starfleet starbases and starships. While many starships no longer carry families as they did before the Dominion War, those that do, like the USS Dauntless, often have active cadet units. It was to accommodate the young family members traveling aboard the Galaxy-class, Ambassador-class and Nebula-class in the mid to late 2360's that prompted the creation of the Starfleet Space Cadet Corps in the first place. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

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