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Starfleet Medical Center was a Federation Starfleet facility in San Francisco, on Earth. Its mandate was serving as a hospital for the treatment and recovery of Starfleet officers; as well, it was a clinical-training facility for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel at Starfleet Medical Academy.
In Orion Press continuity, there were 30 such facilities in Federation space, and were known as Starfleet Sector General Hospitals (the specific facility in San Francisco was known as Starfleet Sector One General Hospital). In the TOS novel Enterprise: The First Adventure, it was known as Starfleet Teaching Hospital.

Following the battle of Ghioghe in 2264, Gary Mitchell underwent regen therapy here. Leonard McCoy was Mitchell's physician. Christine Chapel was a nurse assigned to the intensive care unit. (Enterprise: The First Adventure)

In the late 2270s, Christine Chapel began a stint here as the liaison between Starfleet Medical and the Federation Council. (Orion Press: Chekov's Enterprise)

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