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The Starfleet Marine Corps Seventh Brigade was one of the brigades in the Starfleet Marine Corps of Starfleet International. Its jurisdiction corresponded to Region 7, the fan club analogue of the Starfleet Seventh Fleet.


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  • The Starfleet Marine Corps Seventh Brigade was one of several Starfleet Marine Corps brigades extant from the founding of the Corps to at least the early 25th century.
  • The 7th Brigade — known as the "Lucky Sevens" — consisted of six battalions, and its motto was, "We'd Rather Be Good Than Lucky. Fortunately, WE'RE BOTH!!!"
  • Brigade OIC - Brigadier General David Sladky
  • Brigade DOIC - Colonel Brian A. Crist
  • Brigade SGM - Sergeant Major Carl Schmon
    • S-1 - Colonel Pamela Nery
    • S-2 - General Wayne Augustson
    • S-3 - Colonel Kenneth Kadin
    • S-4 - Lieutenant Colonel Penelope Schmon
    • S-5 - Lieutenant General Judy Waidlich
    • S-6 - General Bob Vosseller
    • S-7 - Major General Lauren Niemeyer
    • S-8 - Lieutenant General Michael Stein
    • S-9 - Lieutenant Colonel Robert Stronach


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