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For continuity-specific version of the Starfleet Marine Corps, see Marine.

The Starfleet Marine Corps (or SFMC) is the ground forces combat branch of the Federation Starfleet.


Starfleet Marines were trained at the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy.

All Star Fleet officers who accepted assignment to Star Fleet Intelligence or the Security And Tactical Division of the Star Fleet Support Services Section were subjected to an accelerated course of SFMC training in a holographic environmental simulator program called "The Crucible." This program had the effect of subjecting the prospective Star Fleet Marine to the equivalent of four long years of SFMC training in the span of only two short weeks. The entire roster of Marine Strike Group No. 791, except for its founding Officer-In-Charge, then-Lieutenant FrioDraca, received its training as Star Fleet Marines in this manner. (Star Fleet International)

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