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Starfleet Legacy Alliance (usually abbreviated SLA) is an RPG sim group originally founded on October 1, 2000, by SLA Seth (originally known as SLA Back), SLA Sierra, SLA Bjorn, SLA Keldar, and SLA Rixx.

Today the group encompasses 16 sims: nine of which are Star Trek-based; and the other seven encompass other popular sci-fi genres. The sims are run via live action (chatroom), play by email (PBEM) and message boards.

Founding Starships/SimsEdit

Current Starships/SimsEdit

Star Trek based:

  • USS Lionheart (Dominion War era)
  • USS Mercutio (Post-Dominion War era)
  • Starbase 27 (Post-Dominion War era)
  • Outpost Cousteau (Post-Dominion War era)
  • USS Potemkin (Post-Dominion War era)
  • USS Caduceus (Post-Dominion War era)
  • Into the Darkening Tide (Second Enlightenment Age)
  • USS Zealous (Reconstruction Era)
  • USS Ark Royal (Post-Dominion War era)

Non-Trek-based sims:

  • Stargate: SG-8
  • Stargate: SG-6
  • Star Wars: Dragon Squadron (Post-ROTJ)
  • Firefly: Monarch (Post-Serenity era)
  • Torchwood Ten (Torchwood/Dr. Who)
  • Trinidad Station (Babylon 5 - Post-Sheridan era)
  • Wing Commander: Battle for Enigma

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