For the similar unit of Star Trek: Remington see: Federation Starfighter Corps

The Starfleet Fighter Command often abbreviated SFC is the division of Starfleet Tactical responsible for providing the fleet with spaceborne fighter and attack bomber support through the use of a variety of small, single or double seat attack craft. Although it does not have the relative autonomy of the Starfleet Marine Corps, SFC units operate under a slightly different command structure from their motherships. The command is divided into several Tactical Fighter Wings, which are in turn divided into several squadrons. Each squadron is arranged as a de facto crew, operating with Command, Science and Operations personnel, answering to section chiefs, under a squadron XO and CO. While embarked on a ship, the Commanding Officer in turn answers to the DCAG, who is also a squadron commander, and the CAG who, under the 2381 command structure revision, is also the mothership's XO.(Star Trek: New Order)

Select officers from each squadron are chosen periodically to participate in advanced space combat maneuvering training at the SFC's Strike and Space Warfare Center at the Fallon Training Range in Nevada on Earth. (Star Trek: New Order: Threads)

Notable UnitsEdit

List of USS Beliskner SFC personnel

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