The Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service (or SCIS) is a Starfleet law enforcement agency. Investigating crimes gives SCIS members jurisdiction over any Starfleet personnel regardless of rank during the course of the investigation. An SCIS agent has the power to relieve any Starfleet personnel, including Admirals, of duty if the person in question is suspected of committing a crime.

The organization is semi-autonomous, is headed by a Starfleet Security Deputy Director who reports directly to the head of Starfleet Security. Personnel wear either Starfleet uniforms with security colors (and appropriate rank insignia) or civilian clothing, depending on assignment. When operating in civilian clothes SCIS personnel carry identification that confirms their status as members of Starfleet and agents of the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service.

SCIS operation policy requires a senior investigator to be assigned to head any investigation and that a senior investigator hold a minimum rank of Commander.

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