The Starfleet Academy marathon is a race of Starfleet cadets that occurs once a year.

The marathon began in 2293, when the commandant of Starfleet Academy was an Admiral Sharifi. Tradition held that Sharifi, recalling a crash on Danula II in her youth — and heartened by her ability to survive the harsh environment — wanted to gift her experiences to Academy cadets. Another version of the story holds that she simply picked the place at random. (New Worlds, New Civilizations)

In the marathon of 2323, on Danula II, Jean-Luc Picard became the first freshman cadet to win the marathon. (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II")

Several freshmen repeated Picard's win over the following decades, including Ben Bartholomew in 2359. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Children of the Burning Heart")


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