Starbase 78 was a Federation starbase in the 24th century, commanded by Admiral Parsons. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2380, the USS Phoenix-X made a short stop to the starbase where Doctor Lox snuck away from active duty onto the station for unknown reasons. Weeks later, the Phoenix-X returned in search of him, only to find that he had escaped on the USS Ixion to join Section 31 in an illegal genetics project. ("Civilization")

In 2381, the starbase was attacked by an Hirogen ship. The sole operator of the vessel, Matrox, was captured and put in the starbase's brig, but easily managed to escape. ("Immortal Coil")

In 2390, the starbase was surprised attacked by another group of Hirogen. Several starships at dock were nearly destroyed. ("Into Harshness")


Medical staffEdit

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