Starbase 17 was a Federation Starfleet starbase active in the 24th century. It was located in orbit of Al-Jamal, more than 50 light-years from the Sol system. (Star Trek: Laughing Sawfish)

In March 2376, the USS Independence was ordered to Starbase 17 so Captain Sintina Aurelia could receive further training while her first officer Ethan Windslow would face his court martial. (Star Trek: Independence: "Crimes and Shadows")

In 2365, Captain Montaine Buchanan, Doctor Arban Breetal, and Yamanu Lancer are directed to this Starbase following their escape from The Mahr and Mel Hermanson. At Captain Buchanan's insistence, they are allowed to proceed directly to Deep Space 3 directly. (Star Trek: Outpost)

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