Starbase 148 was a Lyran research starbase located near an asteroid field of the Sarmigezetusa system. It was described as being not much larger than a Sovereign-class starship. (RIS Bouteina)


Initially built by the Kzinti Patriarchy as a resupply station, similar to Deep Space Station K-7, Starbase 148 was home to a research facility whose project was the MIRV missile. Because of this information, the Lyrans attacked the starbase in 2386, under the command of Commodore Brianna Reiss, and she was later the commander of the starbase for a brief period. (RIS Bouteina: "The Measure of a Romulan")

In the early part of 2401, Starbase 148 was captured by the Klingon Defense Force and Mijanou was thus placed in command. When Brianna Reiss came back to the starbase by stonedate 78571, Akeelah was placed in command and Mijanou surrendered the base, being demoted once she defected­. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Attack on the Laboratory")

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