Star Trek Star Charts: Banshee Squadron Addendum is a visual guide to the Star Trek: Banshee Squadron universe – the stars and planets of the Trans-Briar Patch sectors. It includes an overview of the Milky Way and the Federation, and background information on the planets of the New Canada system.


From the book's back cover:

Space... the final frontier.
These are the adventures of Banshee Squadron.
Their ongoing mission:
To safeguard Federation worlds,
To defend our lives and our civilizations,
To boldly go where no man dares to go!
Follow the course set by Banshee Squadron and the USS Eternity. Relive their extraordinary adventures as you find here, for the first time, the star maps that chart the routes these brave heroes took.


Background informationEdit

The Banshee Squadron Addendum is done in a style similar to Geoffrey Mandel's original Star Trek: Star Charts, and is influenced by the Star Trek Maps and Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual.

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