You may also be looking for Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge (Season 9.5).
Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge (Season 9.5) was the first season of an unofficial Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge that took place beginning in Season 9.5 of Star Trek Online. This season of challenges ran parallel to Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge (Season 9.5).


The Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge, was a forum-based game, managed by forum users, where story topics for Star Trek Online gamers would be posted every month. Forum users would respond with entries based on those topics, using their Star Trek Online characters.


Title Posted Synopsis
Unofficial Literary Challenge #1 "The Kobayashi Maru" Jul 21 2014 Story about what happened when your Captain took The Kobayashi Maru scenario.
You and your crew have been chosen to escort a Dominion diplomatic team through the wormhole and back to Dominion space while bringing your side's own diplomats with you to further negotiations.
Story about your Captain's encounter with someone who sacrifices themselves to save someone else.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #2 "Time After Time" Aug 14 2014 In which you and your ship are caught in a time loop, in which you and your ship are caught in a time loop, in which you and your ship are caught in a time loop...
During an excursion from the Mirror universe, you successfully swap places with your annoying counterpart, but as you spend more time aboard this vessel, you discover how nice it is!
During a quick survey of ruins on an arctic planet, hostile ships force your ship into retreat, leaving your Away team to the bitter cold.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #3 "The Next Generation of Tribbles with Darkest Moments" Sep 15 2014 While exploring in the Azure Nebula, you discover a temporal anomaly that allows you to communicate to your ship's successor in the 26th century.
You are sucked back to pre-historic times, in orbit of your home world, but find a single tribble is missing from your ship. Your task is to find that tribble before it breeds out of control.
Write your Captain's darkest hour, their greatest mistake, their Darkest Moment.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #4 "The Return of the Revenge of the Unofficial LC of DOOM!" Oct 22 2014 You wake up in another time and another life. Though everything seems 'normal' you begin to realize it's not where you belong.
Write a story or a log entry about your captain's first day in command of their ship.
Pick a plot from the series or game that was left unresolved and do something interesting with it.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #5 "Back from the Dead?" Nov 15 2014 The Kobali approach you, and petition you to allow them to resurrect one of your recently killed officers as one of their own.
After a new bridge officer is assigned to your ship, the rest of your bridge devotes a little downtime to relate a tale of terror - the sort of thing he should expect to face on a "typical" mission.
You have been called to conduct your zhian'tara or participate in the zhian'tara of a crew member, family member, or friend from your past.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #6 "Gods of Lower Decks in Wintry Timelines" Dec 15 2014 Yours and a Breen ship are sent back in time to 19th century Earth, thanks to a tear in space. Your ship is forced to crash-land, and you, to save the Breen from an exploding ship. How do you survive and avoid explorers?
The captain and the officers get all the glory, but it's the petty officers, bekks, and uhlanir that make it possible. What's a typical or atypical day like off the bridge of your ship, in the gunnery deck, the lower engine spaces, the science labs, and the enlisted lounges?
While on a deep space survey mission, your crew discovers three beings claiming to be the last of the gods: Zeus, Odin and Osiris. They kidnap your away team and demand you to chose one of them as your "deity".
Unofficial Literary Challenge #7 "Skippy's List: Starfleet Edition" Jan 15 2014 An LCARS display in your messhall displays a growing list. The list only has one item when you first see it, but each subsequent time you visit the mess hall/lounge, things have been added to it.
Who does your captain look up to? And how does he/she react when the idol has feet of clay? Conversely, how does he/she react when the weaknesses are overshadowed by the virtues?
Write a day on your ship in an alternate universe where your captain never became such. Alternatively, write a day in your captain's life without Starfleet/the RRF/the KDF.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #8 "Revisit to a Weird Game, One of One" Feb 01 2014 As your away team materializes on the transporter pad, you realize that you don't recognize the place, and are, in fact, on a movie set.
You find the burial site of the very first Borg, Designation One of One. Scans of the site reveal a faint life sign inside it. Could One of One still be alive? Do you dare risk an encounter with such a mythical being?
You and one of your crew are kidnapped by a Delta Quadrant species for use as gladiators.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #9 "In Memory of Spock" Feb 28 2014 On the twenty-third anniversary of Spock's death, countless people gather on Vulcan to commemorate his heroic sacrifice. Write about your own captain's experience in attending this memorial.
While in deep space, a sudden plague is found on board.
Your captain encounters a former lover on their latest mission.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #10 "Unofficial Literary Challenge: Redux 1" Mar 30 2015 Prompt/challenges from past ULC and LC's are re-used here.
You've been rotated off the front lines to spend a tour back home as an instructor at your service academy, or perhaps to give a guest lecture at the Academy or at a civilian university that hosts an ROTC battalion or two.
Seven of Nine is goes into a virtual reality that few Borg drones inhabit during their regeneration cycles. This is a threat to the Borg Collective that Janeway wants to exploit. (Star Trek: Voyager: Unimatrix Zero)

Background informationEdit

  • After Star Trek Online forum user and forum community manager BranFlakes left Perfect World Entertainment, the official Star Trek Online: Literary Challenges were slowly posted with infrequency. Forum user StarSword started the first unofficial Star Trek Online Literary Challenge in July 2014.
  • By December 2014, Star Trek Online: Literary Challenges were no longer being posted.

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