Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge (Season 11.5) was the fourth season of the Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge that took place in Season 11.5 of Star Trek Online. This season of challenges is in progress.


The Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge, was a forum-based game, managed by forum users, where story topics for Star Trek Online gamers would be posted every month. Forum users would respond with entries based on those topics, using their Star Trek Online characters.


Title Month Synopsis
Unofficial Literary Challenge #22 The Company You Keep [1] April 2016 In which one of your officers (or even the Captain!) must stand trial for their actions.
Your ship has been called to a research outpost, where a group of scientists are observing a pre-warp culture in strict adherence to the Prime Directive. The lead scientists show you surveillance footage of an exact duplicate of yourself living amongst the populace. Is this an Undine plot, temporal event, dimensional hiccup, or the weirdest coincidence in history? How do you get to the bottom of this without violating Starfleet General Order 1?
You encounter an old acquaintance, but something has happened which has significantly changed them. Detail how you deal with your friend's change, how it affects your friendship, and if your friendship survives!
Write about your captain's pet.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #23 Battle Scars [2] May 2016 Your captain's been picked for one of those uglier details - post battle analysis.
Something keeps breaking down, over and over and over...
After being severely wounded on an away mission you will never be the same, you lost use of your right arm, a deep gash in your forehead stares at you in the mirror everyday. Sometime afterword on a first contact mission you encounter a race with remarkable healing abilities which could heal your wounds fully.
Let's see what happens when your captain gets embroiled in Tholian matters.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #24 Mirror Wars [3] June 2016 During an encounter with the Mirror Universe, you meet the Mirror Counterpart of an old love interest, one who, in your universe, has died (either a long time ago or fairly recently).
Due to the nature of Noye's behavior and subsequent betrayal of the Alliance powers, you are being investigated by your respective faction's Temporal Investigative Officer for potentially being the cause of Noye's erratic behavior, leading up to what's been classified as the 'Butterfly Incident' by the Alliance's respective Temporal Investigation Departments.
Your crew begins an archaeological dig, investigating ruins of a long-departed people.
The temporary stability of the Klingon Empire has relied on a succession of external enemies ever since the Iconians took out most of the High Council. In the wake of the Iconian war, and without an obvious external enemy, it's time for the Klingons to debate their future as only Klingons would: with disruptors, blades, explosives, starships, and harsh words. How does your captain deal with a simmering Klingon civil war, knowing what you know is out there?
Unofficial Literary Challenge #25 Agents of Yesterday [4] July 2016 Temporal agents have delivered you a very important mission. An unknown captain of a 23rd century ship has been pulled forward through time to the 25th century. Your mission is to meet with them and acclimate them to your timeline.
When Spock tried to save Romulus with red matter to create an artificial black hole, the black hole swallowed both him and the Romulan known as Nero, seemingly killing them both. But Temporal Investigations claims that they actually traveled back in time and created a splinter timeline called the Kelvin Timeline. There, things are still somewhat the same, yet slightly different. Since it's creation, Temporal Investigations has tried to keep both timelines separate. But they have discovered that Spock, the Prime Spock, is still alive for now. But his health is failing and time is running out. You have been tasked to bring Spock home or, if the worst has come, bring back his remains.
Write a log about how your captain spent a century in the Nexus.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #26 Love and Loss [5] August 2016 Your captain, or one of your officers, is starting to see things. As much as your captain insists at the existence of these apparitions, no one else can see them.
Four years ago, you stepped foot aboard your vessel as it's Captain. You've battled the Borg, Dominion, Undine, Voth, Romulans and the KDF/Federation. You've traveled through time, met your Terran counterpart, explored the Delta Quadrant and met many new friends and enemies. Write a log entry about how you and your crew celebrate this day.
One thing that's true of most relationships, your love interest usually has relatives. It's trouble enough for humans to meet the in-laws, but what do you do when your Betazoid girlfriend's mom starts reading your mind looking for an excuse to break you up? Does your Klingon brother-in-law demand you undertake various hilariously painful warrior rites? How about a reactionary Bajoran grandfather who doesn't want his grandson marrying outside faith and caste? Or maybe they just have an annoying younger cousin whom both of you would rather avoid. You decide!
Unofficial Literary Challenge #27 Extra Lives [6] September 2016 It seems that something or someone has ousted the entire Continuum from their realm and into ours.
You wake up in another time and another life. Though everything seems 'normal' you begin to realize it's not where you belong.
A strange encounter: you meet a character claiming to be your child. Is he or she a product of a brief liaison many years ago, or could they be something far stranger: a time traveler, or perhaps a trick of the enemy or one of Q's little pranks.



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