Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge (Season 10.5) was the third season of the unofficial Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge that took place in Season 10.5 of Star Trek Online. This season of challenges has ended.


The Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge, was a forum-based game, managed by forum users, where story topics for Star Trek Online gamers would be posted every month. Forum users would respond with entries based on those topics, using their Star Trek Online characters.


Title Month Synopsis
Unofficial Literary Challenge #14 "The Sound of Q-sic" August 2015 Q turns your starship into a Broadway musical.
It's Poker night for your starship's senior staff.
Club 47 on Earth Spacedock reopens, and you're invited to the party.
Unofficial Literary Challenge #15 "Stand for the Crew" September 2015 Adapt a Star Trek Online duty officer assignment into a story.
A war correspondent is embedded aboard your ship.
A new intelligence officer is assigned to your ship. Is s/he spying on you?
Unofficial Literary Challenge #16 "A Future That Many Will Never See" October 2015 After the completion of a major mission or conflict, your ship is recalled and you get shore leave.
You are scheduled for a session with your ship's counselor.
Severe damage to your warp nacelles renders your warp drive inoperable with enemy forces closing in.


Background informationEdit

  • This is the second Unofficial Literary Challenge season to run without running parallel to a Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge.
  • Season 10.5 of Star Trek: Online started on July 16, 2015.

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