You may also be looking for Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge (Season 9.5).
Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge (Season 9.5) was the series of Star Trek Online: Literary Challenges that took place during Season 9.5 of Star Trek Online. The literary challenges were a forum-based game where story topics for Star Trek Online gamers would be posted every month and users would respond with entries based on those topics, using their Star Trek Online characters.

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Title Posted Synopsis
Literary Challenge #66 "The Xindi Paradox" Jul 24 2014 Your Captain assists "Crewman Daniels" in stopping a direct threat to the timestream from an unknown enemy who plans to return to the Xindi homeworld in the year 2033 to stop the destruction of the Xindi Avian race.
What led your captain to join Starfleet? And what drove him/her/it to the center seat?
Quark's mother Ishka has been captured by the Dominion and he is forced to hire a group of commandos to undertake a rescue mission. (DS9: The Magnificent Ferengi)
Literary Challenge #67 "Delta Rising" Aug 15 2014 What lies ahead for the Captains of STO in Delta Rising? What mysteries and pitfalls await you, and your crew?
A Section 31 operative has gone renegade, and your Captain has been targeted next, labeled as the Iconian's greatest puppet.
Your ship is suddenly trapped in a familiar force field grid and Q teleports you and your crew to a barren world. There, he offers one of your senior staff the chance to be a Q. (TNG: "Hide & Q")
Literary Challenge #68 "STO Halloween" Oct 01 2014 Stories that celebrate Halloween, either from a human perspective, or from that of any of the species in STO.
Literary Challenge #69 "Winter Wonderland Celebrations" Dec 01 2014 Your own crew's story centered around the Winter Wonderland event, or any of the cultural celebrations from across the Star Trek universe.

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