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Star Trek (Reborn) is a re-imagining of TOS; a "virtual internet series" created and written by Jeremy Grunloh in 2005. Familiar figures, themes and situations from the original Star Trek are re-envisioned in a more character-driven and edgier fashion than that of previous Trek incarnations. The otherwise text-based material is framed by various multimedia like Gabriel Koerner's reimagined NCC-1701, as well as other conceptual artwork, virtual actors, essays and an especially active discussion forum. Each season will consist of 13 episodes, with a script for the viewer to download.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

  • 2x01 "Subterranean Homesick Vulcan"
  • 2x02 "We May be Through with the Past"
  • 2x03 "Muddslide"
  • 2x04 "From Where it Lay Buried"
  • 2x05 "The Whims of the Great Magnet"
  • 2x06 "A Hole in the Stars"
  • 2x07 "What Alice Found There"
  • 2x08 "Deus vult!"
  • 2x09 "Shades of Oedipus"
  • 2x10 "Paragraph 175"
  • 2x11 "St. Crispin's Day"
  • 2x12 "That Out of Hell Leads Up to Light"

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