Star Trek: Zeta is a fan audio drama currently in pre-production stages, being launched by Zeta Productions. Work on the series is due to begin in early summer 2010. The story focuses on a small fleet of ships, setting up a new colony. While work begins on the colony, the fleet is pulled in to an unknown spacial rift, throwing them to the other side of the galaxy. On the furthest edges of the Delta and Gamma Quadrant. Coming to terms with the distance between them and home, They carry on their mission, expanding the Federation in the expanse.

Season 1Edit

  • New Frontiers (1)
  • New Frontiers (2)
  • New Beginnings
  • Ilkari
  • Lizards
  • [To Be Announced]
  • Her Wings Spread (1)
  • Scimitar (2)

External linksEdit

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