Star Trek: Watchtower is a Star Trek fanfic set in 2419 on board the Starfleet space station Deep Space 20, nicknamed the Watchtower.


Watchtower focuses around the adventures of the crew of DS20, the first joint Federation-Romulan facility built on the border between the Federation, Romulan Star Empire, Klingon space, and unclaimed territory. With major unrest in the Romulan Star Empire growing between the Romulans and Remans, the crew must set aside their differences, and work together to overcome challenges.


Even with a new age of cooperation with the Romulans, the Starfleet officers on DS20 are faced with challenges of choosing Romulan or Federation policies. At the same time, the Romulan officers must learn to accommodate the Federation, both groups having different ideas as to how the station is run. In order to make this work however, they reluctantly begin to work together.

Main charactersEdit

  • Captain Tara Rosa (Commanding Officer, Joined Trill Female)
  • Subcommander Somai (First Officer, Romulan Female)
  • Lt. Commander Marie Rowan (Science Officer, Human Female)
  • Dr. Erdoi (Chief Medical Officer, Caitan Male)
  • Lieutenant Vantorre (Chief of Security, Reman Male)
  • Dalia Timor (Bartender, Joined Trill Female)

External linksEdit

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