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"Star Trek: Vonnegut". July 2380 - The USS Vonnegut, a sister-vessel to the Osiris-class USS Avalon, is dispatched to resume peacetime exploration under the command of Captain Morgan "Bulldog" Bateson.


August 26 2368 -- Bateson & his original crew were stuck in a causality loop for 80 years aboard the Soyuz-class USS Bozeman. However, they were eventually rescued by Jean Luc Picard of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D.

Ten Years Later in 2378, Morgan has been temporarily reassigned as Captain of the USS Enterprise-E. He's forced to confront the Klingon vessel SoSoy Toj & its' aged Captain Kozara who's been nursing a grudge against Bateson for decades. Kozara has placed spies on Starbase 12 to facilitate a lethal tactical strike during a coordinated moment of vulnerability on the station. (Source: Diane Carey - "Ship Of The Line")

In the ensuing few years leading up to 2380, Vice Admiral Alynna Nechayev has helped Starfleet Command decide on peppering Bateson's veteran crew & some recently graduated cadets throughout the fleet. The first veteran on her list - Morgan "Bulldog" Bateson. The first ship on her list.... the USS Vonnegut.

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