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Star Trek: Valkyrie is an audio series set in the late 23rd Century aboard the Constellation-class starship USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590). It is a production of Glass City Communications based in Toledo, Ohio, USA. The show's premise is summed up in the introduction delivered after the teaser in each episode:

These are the adventures of the crew of the Starship Valkyrie. In peace time or war time, its mission is the same as all of Starfleet, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to preserve the peace and protect the Federation, to brave the unknown in Man's Greatest Frontier...

The pilot episode "New Command" was released in June 2012 and a second season began in April 2013. The episodes can be heard on the series website and YouTube Channel.

Main cast Edit

The show features a main cast of characters as well as various guest characters, including some from other fan productions.

Audio episodes Edit

Season 1

No. Episode Title Stardate Running time Release date
100 New Command 9618.9 17 mins 29 Jun 2012
101 The Road to Tomed 9631.2 16 mins 30 Jul 2012
102 Disaster Strikes 9644.3 16 mins 30 Aug 2012
103 A Problem of Titan Proportions 9696.7 31 mins 18 Oct 2012
104 The Admiral 9700.2 29 mins 31 Jan 2013
105 Touch of the Prophets 9706.2 23 mins 25 Feb 2013

Season 2

No. Episode Title Stardate Running time Release date
201 Touch of the Prophets, Part 2 9707.8 27 mins 25 Apr 2013
202 The Nebula 9711.2 28 mins 16 Sep 2013
203 The Sculpture 25 mins 7 Jan 2014
204 Reliant 9811.7 13 mins 26 Jun 2014

Special episodes

No. Episode Title Stardate Running time Release date
1 The Captain's Table 34 mins 15 Jun 2014


No. Episode Title Stardate Running time Release date
1 Family 9755.4 8 mins 20 Jun 2014
2 Anniversary 10 mins 6 Sep 2014

All episodes can be found on the series website or YouTube Channel.

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