Star Trek: The Farthest Star is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series primarily based during the 24th century.


Originally titled, Star Trek: Swiftfire, the series originally focused on the adventures of the USS Swiftfire-A primarily during the Dominion War. The rename was done due to a reorganisation of the series and with the intention of having a wider focus. As part of this the Swiftfire is undergoing a rewrite.

With the bulk of Swiftfire removed only a few pieces remained part of TFS. The main piece is "The Final Prophecy", an alternate universe tale which follows a future Jake Sisko's involvement in the Reckoning. Two short stories remained, one related to the AU of "The Final Prophecy" and the other serving as the "reset button" for the series' continuity.

Swiftfire was part of the fan collaboration Star Trek: Unity and contributed two pieces to the crossover. Those pieces are still available, but are now considered to be part of an alternate universe. This was done to unshackle the rebooted continuity from being tied to these specific events.


Main continuityEdit

  • What Little Girls Are Made Of
  • Dissension
  • Initiation
  • Ripples
  • No Refunds
  • Chariots of Korvat

Alternate universesEdit

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