Star Trek: The Expedition mini-episodes are prequel episodes of the Star Trek: Tales of Discovery series. These mini-episodes include:

"The Choice"Edit

Commodore RJ Mackenzie prepares the Starfleet taskforce and starships for departure for the Delta Quadrant to stop the flow of Vidiian refugees.

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"Loss and Redemption"Edit

The Dominion hold Starfleet officer Drea De Imperioli prisoner, the Vorta Meskal forcing her to help her work on the transphasic drive. Aboard the USS Fremont, Counselor Zee Kendral and Ty Mar talk about various issues, leading to Mar approaching Adrian Jacobs for permission to liberate Imperioli from Dominion hands...

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"Time Flies"Edit

USS Intrepid commanding officer Captain Daniel Hunter contacts Zee Kendral to congratulate her on her promotion to first officer of the USS Discovery.

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