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Season two of Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions takes place in 2373. During 2373, the crew of the USS Cantabrian hunt down Samantha Delaney, one of the Federation's most wanted criminals, with some shocking results.

Main charactersEdit

Character Introduced Last Seen
Noah Wrightson Continuing from season 1 "By All Means Necessary"
Elizabeth Singh Continuing from season 1
Antonio Fernandes Continuing from season 1
Ethan Arden Continuing from season 1
Marie Bourget Continuing from season 1
Helena Bourget Continuing from season 1 "Homeland"
Benjamin Caldwell Continuing from season 1
Liam de Gaillimhe Continuing from season 1 "I Who Have Nothing"
Tawana Jonar Continuing from season 1
Daniel Radke Continuing from season 1
Yh'ahni Continuing from season 1

Main plot pointsEdit

Expanded Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
2.1 "Repercussions" 50203.0 Actions have consequences, and for the Cantabrian crew, the Treaty Killers attack Deep Space 4 in an attempt to capture Daniel Radke. But Liam de Gaillimhe and the crew of the USS Aotearoa still have a few surprises up their sleeves...
2.2 "Thicker Than Water" 50221.9 Aumil Killan and representatives from the Trill Symbiosis Commission show up at Deep Space 4 on an official investigation into his daughter's joining with the Jonar symbiont. Noah Wrightson and the Cantabrian crew close ranks to protect her, as Helena Bourget shows up to help bring her mother out of her coma...
2.3 "The Betrayed" 50233.2 Ethan Arden meets up with one of his old Starfleet Academy classmates aboard Deep Space 4. But friendship soon gives way to a battle as the Maquis sabotage the station. In the meantime, Helena's plan to get back into her mother's good books misfires...
2.4 "Stranger Than Fiction" 50258.3 Liz Singh seeks out the help of Daniel Radke, now a captain at Starfleet Command on Earth because her reality is totally different than when she left Deep Space 4 aboard a runabout days before...
2.5 "Bitter Sweet" 50287.5 Benjamin Caldwell grows extremely ill and discovers he needs to learn to deal with life with a terminal illness...
2.6 "Finding the Edges of Who She Is" 50326.5 Tawana Jonar undergoes the zhian'tara ceremony to find out more about her previous hosts. But two unexpected side-effects send Yh'ahni reeling: memories dealing with her birth mother and adoptive parents and more warrior-like and primitive behavior emerging...
2.7 "She Woke Up Screaming Aloud, A Prayer From Her Secret God" 50361.7 Helena Bourget, still reeling from rejection, goes from seedy bar to seedy bar on every dodgy planet she can find to gather as much information on the location of Dr. Samantha Delaney to possibly join forces. But Helena finds help in the oddest of places...
2.8 "Whispering Into My Years of Pain" 50385.1 Antonio Fernandes emerges from his dating drought, finding a woman who helps him bloom...
2.9 "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" 50403.6 The terminally-ill Benjamin Caldwell now must make the most of his remaining life. But doing so means he must take a radical departure from the routines and safety of his former normal life...
2.10 "Best Served Cold" 50436.9 The Cantabrian is hot on the trail of Dr. Samantha Delaney. Liam de Gaillimhe and the Aotearoa crew join the Cantabrian in the cat-and-mouse game with Dr. Samantha Delaney with some shocking results...
2.11 "I Who Have Nothing" 50441.8 Daniel Radke and de Gaillimhe have their final conversation, and, in a last ditch good-will effort, Liam sends Radke his personal logs from throughout the years.
2.12 "Hold On" 50492.3 Ethan Arden's sister, renowned software engineer Sonya Arden, comes to visit Ethan aboard the Cantabrian in an attempt to bring their grandmother's holographic matrix back on-line.
2.13 "Not Ready To Make Nice" 50607.3 The Cantabrian crew start planning an extensive offensive against Samantha Delaney and her allies. But the strongest plans come from the most unlikely source: Tawana Jonar.
2.14 "Homeland" 50653.6 Delaney prepares to test her temporal weapon again, and this time all signs point to the colony where Marie Bourget's parents live. Despite the warnings, they, along with the other colonists decide to stay. In the meantime, Delaney appears to target the colony because Helena Bourget's grandparents live there...
2.15 "The Stars Fill The Sky, So In Love With You Am I" 50696.1 Wrightson and Radke take a much-needed break away from the Cantabrian, but the shore leave turns into a drive to solve a mystery, including possibly discovering the fate of the Cantabrian's second commanding officer, Captain Jack Annand. But is all what it seems?
2.16 "Dark Angel" 50731.4 The Scripture's predictions on the coming Dark Messiah are heralded by the Dark Angel, who has taken the Ekron colony as his and his Murder's own. The Cantabrian crew start falling victim too, but can Yh'ahni and a group of other unaffected officers stop Damian and his Murder's plan?
2.17 "Lex Talionis" 50852.8 Daniel Radke takes Tony Fernandes and Tawana Jonar on an undercover mission to investigate Delaney's contacts in order to break down her network and gain enough information to safely capture her. But investigations take an interesting twist, and Fernandes, still bitter from his loss, faces a simmering anger that could come to a boil...
2.18 "The Fire In Which We Burn" 50893.4 A temporal displacement wave sends Noah Wrightson and his away team, aboard a shuttlecraft, into the past, where he meets another away team from a ship named Cantabrian.
2.19 "For Queen and Country" 50939.3 Liz Singh needs to choose between her lover and her duty...
2.20 "By All Means Necessary" 50978.2 Delaney and her Dark Starship make a dash for Earth, barreling through Starfleet ships right, left and center. Rescuing survivors along the way, the Cantabrian catches up in Earth's orbit, and Noah Wrightson makes some high stake sacrifices to save Earth...

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