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Star Trek: Tales of the 11th Fleet (ToT11F) is a shared Star Trek fan fiction universe founded on the 26th of December 2010.

Set post-Dominion War the universe is principally set around the 11th Fleet based out of Empok Nor, now called Sanctuary.

Fan fictionEdit

11th FleetEdit

Fleet ReportsEdit

Fleet reports are stories set in the shared universe featuring other ships of the 11th Fleet.

  • On the Verge
  • Machinations
  • Retaliation
  • Spies, Traitors, and Secrets
  • Bittersweet Victory
  • Hard Truth
  • The Proposal

Beyond the FleetEdit

Beyond the Fleet are a set of stories based in the shared universe featuring vessel that are not part of the 11th Fleet

Dark EmpireEdit

Dark Empire is a mirror universe continuity where the Terran Empire never fell.

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