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Star Trek: Tales of Discovery is a proposed fan film series dealing with Captain Adrian Jacobs and his crew aboard the USS Discovery in the Delta Quadrant.  It was not being actively worked on as of late 2013.

In the aftermath of Star Trek: Voyager, Starfleet has set up Outpost Delta to explore the Delta Quadrant.

Main CharactersEdit


Prequels - 2383/2384Edit

The series was renamed from Star Trek: The Expedition in 2010. Hence, the below episodes are under that title.


  1. "The Choice"
  2. "Loss and Redemption"
  3. "Time Flies"


  • This series claims to take place in the Star Trek: Hidden Frontier universe, but is not part of the series created by Rob Caves and his associates, although he may consider Star Trek: Tales of Discovery a "partner fan film" series[1].(Citation needed)


  1. Email from Rob Caves to Scott Fack, 22 April 2008

External linksEdit

  • Star Trek: Tales of Discovery website

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