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Star Trek: Syracuse was a fan fiction series about the USS Syracuse.

Book One: Tholian MysteriesEdit

The USS Syracuse is sent to investigate the distress call of the SS Seattle, a Miranda-class carrier destroyed by a Tholian warship. However, the ship's still there and opens fire on the Syracuse and the other escorts.

Book Two: The Reman IncidentEdit

The USS Syracuse is sent again on a dangerous mission. The Syracuse has just recently been refitted at Starbase 1 over Earth and Starfleet Command has sent the Syrcause, along with the USS Kirov and USS French. The fleet of about seventeen starships entered a nebula near the Bajor system bringing important supplies and fifteen Reman starships attacked the fleet. However, the fleet was barely able to hold off the ships. None of the ships were destroyed in the convoy; the Reman fleet suffered a total loss.

External linkEdit

Star Trek: Syracuse webpage

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