Star Trek: Station Gateway is a fan fiction series that involves crossovers with other fictional universes. The story is based on the Gateway station and is about Starfleet's efforts to control what goes on in The Rift.

Background of the universeEdit

The universe in which this is set is a the canon Star Trek timeline and includes the events of fanon series, such as Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Star Trek: Odyssey, Star Trek: Federation One, Operation Beta Shield, Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles and Star Trek Pioneer. Various non-canon works are also included such as the Star Trek: Titan novel series. The stories also include enemies, heroes and elements from other franchises, including Torchwood, Doctor Who (which form the basis for 'The Rift') and Terminator (franchise).

Station Gateway is set in the late-24th century, roughly two years after Star Trek Nemesis.

Main charactersEdit

  • Commander Robert (Rob) Walker - Commanding Officer on the Station
  • Lieutenant Jenny Faulks - The Rift Monitor on Beta Shift and Personal Friend of Chief Medical Officer Ricko Bond
  • Lt. Scottie Legend- Chief of Rift Elite Force
  • Ensign S'urk - Acting Chief Science and Communications Officer
  • Lt. Sarah Parkston- Chief Security Officer and Weapons Expert

The stationEdit


Built by Starfleet in hope to stop any unwelcome forces wandering into Federation space, Station Gateway is one of the most heavily armed places in the entire Federation. In the heart of a nebula, the station is hidden and ships without pulse nebula shielding can't move more than at quarter impulse inside the nebula without danger of getting ripped apart.

With 160 separate shield generators, 148 phaser banks and over 30,000,000 torpedoes on board, these make it more well protected and more well armed than Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. Based on the design of Deep Space Nine, the station is made to look unlike any a Starfleet facility so to misled potential enemies.

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