Star Trek: Starbase 001 (or USS Columbia) is a play-by-email RPG, the third incarnation of Star Trek: 001, this time based in the 24th century.


"Beyond the realm of Romulan space is a vast and uncharted frontier just waiting to be explored and claimed. Ever adventurous, the starship Columbia and her crew have been assigned to begin the exploration of this vast region of the unknown.

In the heart of this territory sits a long abandoned alien space station. Will it become the new center of civilization? What technologies were left behind? What will they find and will they survive it?"


Ships and starbasesEdit


See alsoEdit

  • Star Trek: 001 - The first and original incarnation as a play-by-forum RPG.
  • ST001NB - The second, as a PBEM RPG.

Background informationEdit

  • Despite "Starbase 001" being in the title, the story never gets to the point where characters settle on that base, due to player participation drop-off.
  • This "Starbase 001" was planned to be a different base than the Starbase 001 from Star Trek: 001.

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