Star Trek: Redemption is a ten-part online serial role-play for the computer game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, normally hosted on the "Holo Federation" server. It features Star Trek: Unity (fan film series) regular Captain Lewis.


The USS Geronimo is considered Starfleet's 'crazy ship', where the most useless of officers are assigned. Captain Lewis, the new commander has one mission: bring the ship and crew up to standard with a small survey mission. But just setting off from starbase will prove more troublesome than Lewis imagined...

Finally on their way to the HoMoh sector, the crew of Geronimo have time to rest and sleep, but when life support fails in some rooms and laughing gas is fed into others, it seems that the ship isn't even calm at night time!

The first planet Geronimo arrives at in the HoMoh sector is Chy'Ken III, a world on the verge of discovering Warp. The crew have been assigned to help the Chy'Ken scientists with their warp drive development, but mysterious aliens are about to try and put a stop to it all...

Lewis has been kidnapped and Geronimo is heavily damaged. Its up to the crazy crew to rescue their Captain and find out who the aliens are.

Oh noes! A Starfleet Admiral is coming to inspect the Geronimo! How will the crew be able to impress the top brass and show that they arn't just the crazy crew Starfleet Command thinks they are...?

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