Star Trek: Prometheus is fan fiction series based around the adventures of the crew of the USS Prometheus, the prototype of the Prometheus-class.


Star Trek: Prometheus is set in both "Shatnerverse" (with minor revisions. Most notably to the results of the preserver device in the mirror universe in Preserver. In Prometheus, the Preserver device in the mirror universe failed to sever the connection between the two universes) and the "Canon" (television & movies) universe, as well as large portions of the "novel-verse" such as the Genesis Wave trilogy, the A Time to... series, and the original series novel Prime Directive.

In the Star Trek: Prometheus canon following the events in Prime Directive, Starfleet reconsidered its plan to transform the Talin system's gas giant, Talin VIII, into a suitable food source for "The One" and dispatched a battle group which destroyed "The One" as a threat to the galactic ecology and life throughout the galaxy. Following the destruction of "The One", and with the consent of the Talin ambassadors, several dozen nuclear warheads were detonated in the gas giant Talin VIII which was designated as the official homeworld of the "The Many".

Central charactersEdit

The series features several characters, which include:

The half-human, half-Betazoid commanding officer of the Prometheus
The Vulcan first officer of the Prometheus
The 3/4 Andorian 1/4 Aenar Chief Tactical Officer of the Prometheus
The joined Trill Chief Engineer of the Prometheus
The Chief of Operations on the Prometheus
A descendant of Hikaru Sulu and Chief Flight Control Officer of the Prometheus
The Vulcan Chief Science Officer of the Prometheus
The Ktarian Chief Medical Officer of the Prometheus
The Bajoran Counselor of the Prometheus

Supporting charactersEdit

A half Betazoid half Human woman who joined the crew as a 4th year cadet on a training cruise in 2379 and was assigned to the Prometheus following her graduation at the request of Captain MacLeod.
A Nasat who serves in the Prometheus' engineering department
Commonly known simply as "Chief" and over a century old, the Chief has literally spent decades of his career assigned to the Starfleet Corp of Engineers Special Projects Division.
The Prometheus' chef as well as unofficial counselor and morale officer.
A former Voyager crew member.
The first Phylosian in Starfleet.
The prototype for the Emergency Command Holographic Program AK-1 Command and Tactical Subroutine Omega-323 Mark I program.
A Reman refugee turned crew member that was rescued by the crew of the Prometheus.

Guest charactersEdit

Rightful Destiny:


Background notesEdit

Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. In these photos the characters are portrayed by the following actors:

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