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Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation was a forum-based RPG series based after the conclusion of the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise. Formerly set aboard an upgraded NX-class starship, the Poseidon (NCC-07), it now takes place aboard the first of the Poseidon-class. Originally titled The Birth of the Coalition due to apparent inconsistencies in continuity caused by the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, that has now been explained as a schism in time that has since been repaired, placing the Federation's founding in 2161.


BOTF was started as an offshoot of the RPG Star Trek: Poseidon. Later, the forum was brought onto the same server as STP. The main goal for players of the RPG was to give better coalescence between the end of 'Star Trek: Enterprise and the beginning of Star Trek: The Original Series.

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  • Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation website

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