Star Trek: Phoenix-X

Uniform and combadge changes specific to Star Trek: Phoenix-X continuity.
See: Category:Star Trek: Phoenix-X (Starfleet personnel) and USS Phoenix (NCC-65420-X) personnel for more characters not listed here.

Uniforms (USS Phoenix-X senior staff)Edit

Personnel 2373-2385 2386-
Captain Daniel/Cell Daniel2373 Cell2386
Commander Night Gotens/Seifer Seifer2373 Seifer2386
Lieutenant Commander Armond Armond2373 Armond2386
Lieutenant Commander Kugo Kugo2373 Kugo2386
Ensign Dan EnsignDan2373 Ensigndan2386
Lieutenant Kayl Kayl2373 Kayl2386
Doctor Lox Lox2373 Lox2386
Lieutenant Commander Red Red2373

Uniforms (USS Phoenix-X senior staff, attached)Edit

Personnel 2373-2377 2378-
Wallace Wallace2373 Wallace2378

Uniforms (USS Phoenix-X additional senior staff)Edit

Personnel 2379-2384
Lieutenant Amp Amp2379

Uniforms (USS Phoenix-X crew)Edit

Personnel 2373-2385 2386-
Lieutenant GoyCho Goycho1

Uniforms (Starbase 55 crew)Edit

Personnel 2373-2385 2386-
Admiral Cloud Cloud Cloud2386
Personnel 2373-2382
Admiral Theseus Theseus

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Background informationEdit

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