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Star Trek: Phoenix-X

Space stations specific to Star Trek: Phoenix-X continuity. These may be separated into individual articles as more information becomes available.
See: Category:Star Trek: Phoenix-X (space stations) for space stations not listed here and which have their own articles.


Unknown starship dismantling stationEdit

In 2376, when Avery had decommissioned the USS Phoenix-X, he decided to have it brought to a starship dismantling station to begin the process of taking the ship apart. When Commander Gotens discovered this, he attempted to race Avery to the station in order to stop the process. But Avery had been waiting for him, and launched a defensive attack against Gotens within the Phoenix-X. ("Experimentalism")


Sector 894 Engine Apex CentreEdit

The Sector 894 Engine Apex Centre was an open goods and trades station that also specialized in repairing starship engines. The USS Phoenix-X visited this station, in 2377, for a tune-up. ("False Management")

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