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Star Trek: Phoenix-X

Science specific to Star Trek: Phoenix-X continuity. These may be separated into individual articles as more information becomes available.

Physical sciencesEdit

Isolinium radiationEdit

Isolinium radiation was known for creating the illusion of duplicate life-forms which happened to be engulfed in it. It was normally found in the ihorn bat caves of Vulcan. But iso-stars were also found to emanate isolinium radiation. ("Pure Evil")

Thalia particlesEdit

In 2377, the released virus, from the Thalia Communication Array to the Phoenix-X, was a computer program in origin. The Phoenix-X`s computers synthesized Thalia particles, which formed into molecules, which were used to inoculate the crew through the ship's ventilation systems in a gaseous state. The crew were then brainwashed into destroying the Ceavon. The Thalia particles were considered the "Thalia Curse". ("Loyalties, Parts I & II")

See alsoEdit

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