Star Trek: Lost Frontier is an audio series by Darker Projects that picks up somewhere around twenty years after Star Trek: The Section 31 Files. The entire galaxy has been decimated by the Infection and war. The Federation itself has been shattered by the Federation Civil War. Now, the starship USS Enterprise-F goes forth to reunite the lost worlds of the Federation. The series is still running, although with a much longer production gap between episodes. The most recent, titled "Cosa Nostra", was released on August 8, 2015, over 3-1/2 years after the previous episode.

Cast of characters Edit

  • Commanding Officer: Captain Rupert Trask [voiced by Mark Bruzee (Episodes 1-16)/Paul Lavelle (Episode 17-current)]
  • Executive Officer: Commander Kathrin Niles [voiced by Laura Post]
  • Liaison Officer: Lieutenant Andrew Winifred [voiced by David Ault]
  • Chief of Security: Lieutenant J.G. Liem Kincaid [voiced by Ben Harmer]
  • Chief Flight Control Officer: Ensign Sid Kirk [voiced by Lucien Dodge]
  • Chief Science Officer: Ensign T'Loc [voiced by Jeanine Yamanaka]
  • Chief Engineer: Ensign Arthur Pope [voiced by Bill Hollweg]
  • Special Services Operative: Zog [voiced by Elie Hirschman]

Guest stars Edit

  • Karl Puder as Emperor Korg
  • Judah Friese as Captain Judah Friese
  • Seth Adam Sher as President Cross
  • Eric Busby as Director Bishop
  • Chris Williams as Q aka "Quinn"
  • Michael Wilkinson as Ben Sisko

Former Cast Edit

  • Mark Kalita as Takila Mak
  • Linda Townsend as Chief Engineer Henlaur

To date, episodes produced are:

Season oneEdit

  • 1. Hope
  • 2. ... And a Star to Steer Her By
  • 3. Prisoner
  • 4. Escape from Korsava IV
  • 5. The Fallen Empire
  • 6. Remnant of the Klingons
  • 7. Resistance
  • 8. A Legend Falls
  • 9. By the Sword
  • 10. Of Q and Women
  • 11. A Prophet Without Honor
  • 12. Power and Dominion Part 1
  • 13. Power and Dominion Part 2
  • 14. The Valiant Part 1
  • 15. The Valiant Part 2

Season twoEdit

  • 16. Cadeuceus
  • 17. The Rift
  • 18. Cosa Nostra

External linkEdit

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