The Lexington Adventures was an up and coming fan film series taking place in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture era; more specifically, after the events seen in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (2286-2287), following the crew of the USS Lexington (NCC-1709-A).

The ship was the semi-canon Odysseus-class starship, designed by Todd Gunther and James Snaith.

The series was co-produced with Blue Ghost Production, Starbase Studios, and Vance Owen Productions. Filming is to take place on location and at Starbase Studios.

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Background informationEdit

  • Lexington actually began as a series of short stories. The first short story, entitled "A trip to the past", was written on 15 August 1986, a few months before Star Trek: The Next Generation aired.
  • The decision to make Lexington a live-action series was made in August 2004 when Star Trek: New Voyages premiered with their episode "Come What May". Lexington Adventures was originally conceived as Star Trek: Lexington, then to Star Trek Lexington (New Beginnings).
  • The original Lexington episode All in the Appearances, was filmed in 2007-2008 in Birmingham, Alabama. Due to an external hard drive crash, a majority of the footage was lost. While there is still an attempt to piece together this episode, it was decided in 2012 to reboot the series, maintaining the "Star Trek: Lexington" moniker, with the additive (New Beginnings) to encompass the new series.

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