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Star Trek: Laughing Sawfish is a fan fiction series.

Crew of USS RommelEdit

  • Captain Ra'id "Raheesh" Nazar (رائد نزار): Commanding Officer; Human.
  • Lieutenant Commander Sergei Tetrov (Сергей Петрова): First Officer; Human.
  • Lieutenant Commander Morrib Lorr: Chief Engineer/Operations Manager; Bolian.
  • Major Rek'lov Shur: Tactical Officer/Marine Detachment Officer; Andorian.
  • Lieutenant Carmen Aquila: Pilot; Human.
  • Doctor Tupak: Chief Medical Officer; Vulcan.
  • Sublieutenant Norila Rettin: Imperial War Correspondent; Romulan.

Additional Allied CharactersEdit

  • Fleet Admiral Richard Monroe: Commander-in-Chief, Second Fleet; Human.
  • Lieutenant General Thomas Archer: Commander, 12th Marine Division; Human.

Dominion personnelEdit

External linkEdit

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