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Star Trek: Intrepid Station is a fictional television series starting in 2382 and following the newest Starfleet prototype space station. The Intrepid Station is situated near the core of the Federation, and is left with the daunting task of attacking enemy fleets before they get too close to the Sol system. The series is sort of a sequel to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.


After Deep Space 9 has done tremendous work during the Dominion War, Starfleet now turned to the next enemy to deal with: the Borg. After reviewing the USS Voyager's conflicts with the Borg in the Delta Quadrant, Starfleet turned to the Intrepid Development Project, they decided to build the largest starbase in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Knowing the Borg would be a difficult enemy to face, Starfleet armed the newest station with literally dozens of phaser banks to fight off multiple Borg vessels at the same time.

In 2382, the Intrepid Station was completed and placed under the command of Captain Paul Hanks. Captain Hanks and his crew must now make sure that the station will hold up through the most daunting challenges ever faced.

Main charactersEdit


Season 1 - 2382Edit

As the Dominion War ends, the station's construction is briefly described before the command crew begins first operations immediately. USS Voyager, USS Defiant and the USS Enterprise-E dock with the station for the first time, and the Borg make their first incursion into Federation space after Voyager had killed the Borg Queen and destroyed one of their transwarp hubs. However, the station is only seen fighting one Borg cube near the end of the season.

Season 2 - 2383Edit

As the little skirmish between the Intrepid Station and the Borg cube got to the Collective, they attempted to destroy it. 15 cubes crippled the station and when the situation seemed hopeless, a Starfleet taskforce, led by the USS Voyager, had managed to destroy the armada. We also see an alternative perspective of 2383, where the station was destroyed by the Borg, and the fleet of 256 vessels was shrunk down to at least ten. Later, the armada was finally silenced by the reinforcements waiting at Earth.

Season 3 - late 2383/2384Edit

As 2383 comes to a close, the Tal Shiar gather intelligence on the station and attempt to capture it. The attempt fails after the station destroys the Tal Shiar fleet but they make another at the end of the season, again unsuccessfully. Also, a rogue Jem'Hadar faction forms, and when they first arrive in the Alpha Quadrant, they attack the station first. The small fleet was quickly disabled with the help of the USS Defiant. However, the faction manages to strike Earth Spacedock and Starbase 375. In the season finale, the faction is defeated with the help of the Dominion.

Season 4 - 2385Edit

The Borg make a new attempt at assimilating the Federation, by launching a fusion cube. The fusion cube proves devastating. Four planets of Federation space nearest to the galactic core have been destroyed. Six Starfleet vessels were later assimilated, along with one of the most outer planets. The assimilated planet and vessels are quickly destroyed, and soon fleets from Earth and Deep Space 9 are diverted to the Intrepid Station to destroy the fusion cube. It took hours, with heavy losses, but ultimately, the fusion cube was destroyed.

Season 5 - 2386Edit

The Borg return with a tactical fusion cube. Starfleet, Klingons and Romulans rally their fleets together. They fight the cube near Deep Space 9, but it's not enough firepower. Voyager opens a rift to fluidic space, and Species 8472, who are finally convinced that the Federation is not a threat to them, agree to help. The cube is later destroyed with help from 8 bioships.

Also in another alternate timeline, Voyager was destroyed during the Borg Invasion of 2381. The Dominion War was not over in this timeline, and now the Dominion, who have been rebuilding for the past 11 years, conquered the Federation while the Intrepid Station was assimilated by the Borg. The prime USS Voyager was pulled into this timeline and helped a fleet of Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan vessels destroy the assimilated station and liberate the Federation from the Dominion, effectively ending the Dominion War.

Season 6 - 2387/2388Edit

The Tal Shiar have returned and it is revealed that they have turned on the Romulan Star Empire. They attempt twice more to capture the station, this time with more teeth, but are often defeated with the help of the USS Bellerophon, which has been dealing with Romulan and Tal Shiar missions and the USS Norway. The Borg experiment with creating Omega powered vessels and Omega weapons, with impressive results. By the end of the season, the Tal Shiar collapses and the Borg are stopped with their experiments, with the outermost sectors of Federation space being now impossible to travel through with warp drive, as Omega has devestated subspace throughout those sectors.

Season 7 - 2389Edit

The Borg and Starfleet clash one more time, and with all the advanced technology Voyager had incorporated, the Borg Collective was finally destroyed, never to be heard from again. The station's command crew say goodbye to each other and the station, as they are assigned to different starships. The second command crew of the station was never revealed.

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